Movingvoice Blog: The Feeling Voice

Welcome to my Video Blog Series! I’ve decided that it’s high time to go BEYOND WORDS and share more of what I’m most passionate about – Expressive sound and movement! Liberating ourselves!

This series offers you an opportunity to build your connection with your expressive, feeling voice. On this video, the first of three, I’ll lead you in a playful exercise to express JOY. This is an excellent way to start bringing more joy and play into your life right now! It will help you to feel more alive and connected to who you truly are.

I’m keeping the exercises short so you can get a taste of what it’s like to be more expressive with your voice without it embarrassing you to death.
Have fun with it and let me know how it goes by posting a comment below!


Vocal Empowerment Blog: You Can Do It! It Takes Courage and Guts!

“You can do it! It takes Courage and Guts!” He shouts and applauds from a house above the trail that I’m running on. It’s snowing and wintery out.

It isn’t taking a run in the snow that takes courage and guts for me, though. It’s to be creative and upbeat in relation to chronic pain patterns that persist over 30 years now.

When I run, I practice mindfulness, to be in my body and quiet my thoughts. I focus on my senses.

Through my eyes, I take in the tall, newly frosted evergreens…the golden wheat colored grasses that bend under the snow.

Through my ears, I hear the press of my feet… my audible exhale…a raven’s raspy ‘Kraa’.

Through my felt sense, I feel the snow tickle my cheeks… my feet push off the cushioned ground.

But what about the pain in my arm and shoulder? I don’t want to pay attention to it and I can’t ignore it.

It’s not a pleasurable sensation like snow kissing my nose. Even after years of healing work, here it is today, again, angry and loud.

So, I invite the painful sensations into expressive movement. Let’s imagine that this pain is a part of myself, a little person who is hurting. I know she wants to run and play, to be joyful too. I know she wants to feel a part of things. Who doesn’t?

Sometimes, these peripheral parts of our bodies sound the alarm because they don’t have enough connection with the whole. There’s a story here, on a body level, of parts being left out because they’re too different or their needs are too great.

So, I let my movements include my right arm, shoulder, head and neck. I playfully move from my core out into my peripheral parts. I wiggle and gently dance as I run! I do small and big movements. I trust and follow what feels good, from the inside out.

I know. “WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?! You’ll look like a crazy person! This is NOT normal behavior!”

There were actually very few people out on the trail. But here’s what I tell myself; “This is something that I need to do. It’s not going to hurt anyone and they don’t need to understand.” Or as some parents say to their kids, “FOCUS.”

As I turn back towards the sensations in my body, the pain is quiet, at least for now. I feel energized and happy. I know that little one inside is thrilled to be included in the dance. I feel her smiling. I hear her laughing.

So, when the friendly dude in the house on the hill yells out and applauds; “You can do it! It takes courage and guts!”. She hears him. She takes it in. And so do I.

It does take courage and guts to manage chronic pain – no matter whether it’s physical or emotional pain.  It takes courage and guts to turn it into a joyful dance!

Let your creative, expressive voice move through your whole body and out into a joyful dance. It’s a gift to yourself and truly, a gift for all of us!

Vocal Empowerment Blog: It’s OK to Come Out Now

To get the most out of life, you have to engage your will. 

It’s like climbing a REALLY BIG mountain.

The art is to climb it with ease and joy.

To go your own pace.

To do it your way.

To feel the ground under your feet.

To take time to dip in the stream.

To take time to enjoy the wild flowers in the height of their summer glory.

To take time to hear what the present moment is whispering in your ear…

Living in Boulder, Colorado, one out of every five clients or so tells me: “My 5th Chakra is blocked.”

“How do you experience that?” I say. “How does it show up in your body?” It includes tension and constriction in the throat, feeling the voice is restricted or squeezed, fear about speaking up in relationships, fear of being big and taking up space.

It is common, that our voices and our throats feel tense and blocked. They are doing their best to protect us, to help us manage our pain. HOLDING ON is the body’s way of keeping us safe.

In reading up on Chakras, Caroline Myss, medical intuitive, describes the 5th Chakra or Throat Chakra, as the center of our willpower.

What exactly is Willpower?:

The faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action. Strong determination that allows you to do something difficult.

Other names for Willpower include…Commitment, Doggedness, Tenacity, Staying power

As a body-centered therapist, it’s my job to help you to heal your wounds, to move through them. It’s my job to let your body know that it’s safe. And to let your voice know that it’s OK to come out now. It’s my job to help you UN-BLOCK your 5th Chakra, so that you can engage your willpower, so that you can happily climb the mountain of life.

Our throat, where the vocal cords are located, is the channel between our head and our heart. How often do these two agree? No wonder everyone’s 5th Chakra is blocked! This is where it all goes down!  Where push comes to shove!

I want to help you open this channel, to make peace between your head and your heart, so your voice is FREE TO MOVE out into the world.

As you open your voice, you build the muscle that is doggedly committed to being and expressing who you truly are. You build the muscle that gives you staying power, so that you can take action and share your gifts with the world.

Tell yourself from me to you, “It’s OK to come out now.” And see what happens next. My body breathes a sigh of relief.