What is Vocal Empowerment Therapy?

Vocal Empowerment Therapy is a set of non-judgmental, body-centered, and creative processes combined to help you:

  • Connect your body, mind and spirit with your voice.
  • Build a relationship with your Higher Self as your own best teacher and guide.

Vocal Empowerment TherapyYour body is the instrument and channel for what moves through you and beyond. This includes your breath, voice and energy, as well as feelings, thoughts, sensations and spirit. You can try to control everything you do or surrender to something greater, allowing your body and voice to resound with all the colors of who you are.

As you trust more deeply and give voice to what moves through you, you move others. And in turn, others connect with themselves more deeply. Life becomes more satisfying and joyful!

Who would benefit most from Vocal Empowerment Therapy?

  • People who feel stuck – physically or emotionally blocked – and want to free up their spirit and voice.
  • People who are curious about how to fully claim or more powerfully use their voice.
  • People who use their voice professionally – singers, actors, public speakers, broadcasters, teachers, trainers, therapists and coaches.

Each client arrives with their own goals, gifts and also blocks to those gifts. My MA in Vocal Performance, deep study of body-centered therapies, and personal journey beyond trauma make me uniquely qualified to this meaningful work.

Transformations shared by some clients include:

  • vocal empowerment therapy2Feeling less needy and more connected to self.
  • Speaking and singing more easily from their heart.
  • Having a greater capacity for managing stressful and triggering events.
  • Experiencing a lightness of being, buoyancy and joy!
  • Becoming more peaceful, resilient and resourced.
  • Feeling bigger, more free, courageous, confident and grounded.
  • Shifting away from working so hard at everything to trusting and allowing.

Modalities that we might use together include…

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

  • Slow down and be with your experience with curiosity and compassion.
  • Build awareness of how your body holds your feelings and old stories.
  • Resource, ground and energize yourself and your body in the moment.

Voice Movement Therapy and Internal Family Systems

  • Know, include and give voice to ALL the many parts of yourself – the judge, the pleaser, the avoider — that get in the way of going with the flow.
  • Find balance and sit firmly into your core Self — learn to listen to your inner guide.

Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy

  • Use mindfulness to discover and heal core beliefs, memories and wounds.
  • Access the wisdom of your unconscious through your body.
  • Transform limiting beliefs so you can move forward in a new, more satisfying way.

Matrix Group Leadership

  • Learn to give feedback with clarity and kindness.
  • Understand that what makes you different is a strength and a gift.
  • Learn about the roles you play in your relationships, and develop the flexibility to shift these roles.

Vocal Improvisation

  • From playful sounds to heart felt song, learn to trust and enjoy your natural voice and the music that flows through you.
  • Build a flexible and free body and voice.

Somatic Voicework(tm) and Vocal Training

  • Expand the range, color and power of your voice.
  • Get to know your voice and how it works.
  • Gain confidence in and acceptance of your voice.

How will we work together?

vocal empowerment therapy4Most of my clients prefer to start with a package of five 75-minute sessions. I’ll share more options with you soon.

What is the first step to take now?

If you’d like to speak and sing from your heart with confidence, power and authenticity, let’s meet. Get on my calendar for a complimentary one-to-one discovery session. And be sure to TAKE THE QUIZ — What is your voice trying to tell you?

I’m excited to meet you!

Eve Pollak Maisonpierre
Eve Pollak Maisonpierre, MA, CHT, VMTR
Vocal Empowerment Therapist