Movingvoice Blog: The Feeling Voice

Welcome to my Video Blog Series! I’ve decided that it’s high time to go BEYOND WORDS and share more of what I’m most passionate about – Expressive sound and movement! Liberating ourselves!

This series offers you an opportunity to build your connection with your expressive, feeling voice. On this video, the first of three, I’ll lead you in a playful exercise to express JOY. This is an excellent way to start bringing more joy and play into your life right now! It will help you to feel more alive and connected to who you truly are.

I’m keeping the exercises short so you can get a taste of what it’s like to be more expressive with your voice without it embarrassing you to death.
Have fun with it and let me know how it goes by posting a comment below!


Vocal Empowerment Blog: What Are We Here For Anyway?

In any given moment in life, what’s more satisfying, to feel joyful or to feel like you’re doing a good job?

Even though I decided many years ago to step OFF the stage and to stop pursuing a career as a classical singer, my experience in making music is still tied up in whether I’m doing a good enough job. Apparently, it’s more challenging to enjoy ourselves than it is to beat up on ourselves!

One of my favorite things to do is to improvise with piano and voice, to spontaneously create sound, song, color and beauty out of silence. It fills an emotional and spiritual place in my life.

Here’s the catch: I CAN’T be fixated on getting better at it all the time.

At some very young age, I went from singing and playing freely and UN-self-consciously, to feeling anxious that my creative expression wasn’t good enough. I know, I know…I’m SO not alone. It’s an epidemic!

How quickly people move FROM…”You have such a beautiful voice…” TO…”You should really DO something with it.”

Develop it.

Train it.

Make a career.

Go somewhere!

Do something!

Be someone!

You really have something special!…Don’t waste it…

It’s tricky though, because it often takes away the blissful feeling of delight in ourselves and our gifts. Does that mean it’s not good enough just as it is?

It leads to a sense of hopelessness…Why do I bother?

So, let’s enjoy it just as it is before we get all bent out of shape about making it better, shall we? Let’s enjoy ourselves, just as we are, with all our imperfections.

In the improvisation of life, there’s nothing more important than learning to trust in the beauty and the rightness of what unfolds.

Don’t overthink it.

Trust in what you already know.

Let go and let it flow.

Delight in the moments that light you up and relax into the rest.


YOU get to decide if and when something is enough and brings you joy.

YOU get to feel joyful even when I don’t. It’s SWEET if I feel it too but in the end, I’m me and you’re you! (couldn’t resist the spontaneous burst of poetry!)

And here’s the clincher!  You can feel joyful even when you’re NOT doing a really good job! There’s more to life than always doing a good job.

We all get to bask in the beauty of what delights us. It is hands down more fun than doggedly working at getting better at everything all the time.

As you step up to be playful at something today, let yourself drink in the sweetness of GOOD ENOUGH.

Vocal Empowerment Blog: The Power of Breathing

The great thing then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally as opposed to our enemy.”

(William James, circa 1857.)

I know it’s a stretch to add any new practice into our lives. But what is more fundamental than how we breathe? Regulating how we breathe can have a HUGE impact on trauma, mood states, chronic pain and stress.

I’m doing a new breathing practice that I’d like to share with you. It’s called Coherence Breathing. The exciting thing is that Coherence Breathing is specifically focused on increased circulation and autonomic nervous system balance.

These tools and methods are the result of a breakthrough in the understanding of the subtle relationships between breathing, circulation, autonomic governance, and heart rate.” (Stephen Elliott)

The good news is that it’s very simple to do! And by the way, I almost always do it lying down. Sometimes I have my feet and lower legs up, resting on a chair.

I’ll share a few links here so that you can check it out for yourselves.

The Coherence website:

The CD that has the actual breathing practice on it, is called Respire 1. My favorite practice is called Coherence Breathing 2 Bells.

And finally, a good read: Healing Power Of The Breath by Drs. Richard Brown & Patricia Gerbarg

This book is replete with essential breathing practices including Coherent Breathing…It offers compelling case examples where breathing methods were employed to mitigate stress and negative emotion, sleep difficulty, phobias, anxiety, PTSD, …The book includes a CD presenting 8 breathing practices.”

I hope you’ll give it a try. Changing the way we breathe can change our lives because it broadens our capacity to handle stress and overwhelm. What could be better?