Eve’s Blog: Is Your Body Your Enemy?

9HIs Your Body Your Enemy? 

Do you have chronic pain? Chronic illness? A traumatic event that blew you out of the water?

In other words, did something happen in your life that caused you to LEAVE your body and – come to think of it – you never went back?

Do you have so much NOISE in your body that you take refuge in your mind and in doing, and avoid your body at all costs?  Continue reading »

Healing Trauma through Voice


Eve’s Blog: Permission to do things YOUR way, even when it’s not what the experts say.  

Happy New Year Everyone! I’m excited to launch my new Voice Blog. The focus is on Overcoming Trauma through Voice: Your Body holds the key to set you free. That could be a rap song…



(beat box please)

Your body holds the key

To set you free

Cause it’s high time to be fully you and fully me.

Hey, Hey, can’t you see?

The possibili-ty

Of living in a world full of creativi-ty?

(Ok. OK. I’m getting side-tracked. Sorry! That never happens.)

Here’s a brief outline of what’s to come. 

Wait a minute… STOP THE ACTION. An outline? Do we have to? I SUCK at outlines!  Continue reading »

Let Go of Needing to Know

Let Go of Needing to Know

As part of my recovery from rotator cuff surgery, I’ve taken up a daily practice of toning/sounding/chanting meditation. As I settle into my body and breath, feelings of sadness and frustration bubble up along with my sounds and song. There is a manager – analyzer part of me that wants to fix the pain right away. Let’s figure this out! Let’s get to the bottom of this right now!!!

Instead, I choose to stay with sensation, feeling and the vibrations of sound. I follow the tones, letting them move into cries and wails and then settle back down into comforting tones. As I let the river of life flow through me, and let go of needing to know exactly what’s going on, I can feel relief flow in. I feel my connection to my body, breath and voice, and I feel my connection to Spirit growing. I lean into trusting that it’s more important to LET GO than it is to FIGURE IT OUT. Continue reading »