Movingvoice Blog: The Feeling Voice

Welcome to my Video Blog Series! I’ve decided that it’s high time to go BEYOND WORDS and share more of what I’m most passionate about – Expressive sound and movement! Liberating ourselves!

This series offers you an opportunity to build your connection with your expressive, feeling voice. On this video, the first of three, I’ll lead you in a playful exercise to express JOY. This is an excellent way to start bringing more joy and play into your life right now! It will help you to feel more alive and connected to who you truly are.

I’m keeping the exercises short so you can get a taste of what it’s like to be more expressive with your voice without it embarrassing you to death.
Have fun with it and let me know how it goes by posting a comment below!



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5 thoughts on “Movingvoice Blog: The Feeling Voice

  1. This is fantastic, Eve, thank you. Especially since I haven’t seen you 1-on-1 in so long, I appreciate this lil reminder of why I enjoy the work you do. Looking forward to more vids of you and getting back to more MovingVoice sessions down the road when I’m ready again. Keep on expressing your joyful self with this immediate & personal format, and I’ll remember to practice as well.

  2. Thank you Eve. Appreciate the JOY encouragement. I’ve been doing a heart meditation in which I remind myself to smile. It is pleasant and I look forward to it. We were all babies once and they smile so much, which means we are wired for joy. Movement and sound help us touch the FEELing of Joy. Thank you and look forward to more.

    I will share.

  3. Oh Eve, this was so awesome! How wonderful to connect with you again! I feel joy! You minded me that it’s ok to feel, and it’s ok for my voice to be whatever it is. Thank you with all my heart, dear friend! Lots of love, Rebecca