Vocal Empowerment Blog: Go Ahead and Close That Door!

It sounds ridiculous. But one day, I realized that whenever I went for a pee, (in my own home of course!), I would leave the bathroom door ajar.

I truly believe that I got into the habit of doing it to accommodate other people’s needs. “I’m just peeing. I’m still available if you need me!”

So, when I came to this stunning realization, I boldly did it…I closed the door. Radical, I know! CLICK! 

I’m embarrassed to say that I felt like I was being rude. There was a disgruntled voice in my head saying…“Are you sure about this? But you’re shutting people out. You’re not available if you shut the door!”

To my surprise, right on its heal came a big sense of relief.

Ahhh. For a couple of minutes, I can simply relax. I don’t have to be ON for anyone else. It’s just me. I can do whatever I want! I can take a few breaths. Hum a few bars. Take a moment to ponder what’s next.

I give you permission to CLOSE ANY DOOR! To the bathroom, to your office, to the bedroom. You get the idea.

I know it sounds silly and insignificant, but if you’re peeing with the door ajar, I say Close It and see what happens next. You might be surprised at how such a small action can have a big impact on your peace of mind.


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