Vocal Empowerment Blog: Where Else Can I ROAR Like A Lion?

Have you embraced your Inner Lion? It does put a different spin on embracing your Inner Child. You might need some burly gloves and a big hat! Your Inner Lion is likely to be fierce, opinionated, protective and LOVES to roar loudly…

ROAR? You’ve got to be kidding…Do I have to? It’s so loud and SO weird. The answer is YES.

It’s liberating!
There’s A LOT to roar about in life.
Our animal friends have a lot to teach us
It WILL help you to feel more ALIVE and EMBODIED.
It may make you laugh out loud.
It’s not as stupid as it sounds.
Because we can!

I’ve roared about terrible losses.
I’ve roared when someone has hurt me.
I’ve roared just for the hell of it – Why not?

Roaring, as a way to connect with your anger, is very helpful for establishing clear boundaries. Think of it as a stepping stone. You may need to roar before you can speak clearly in real time, about your feelings.

It connects you to your essence to give voice to your feelings. And by the way, it may not be PRETTY. It’s not about HOW it sounds. It’s about how it FEELS.

You don’t have to roar AT anyone.

Come roar in a Vocal Empowerment session with me. Roar in the privacy of your own home or many people’s favorite, Roar In Your CAR!…The idea is NOT to keep holding on to and stuffing down all of your feelings. (Stay IN THERE! Never come out, EVER!)

For most of us, the pre-verbal voice, the sounds we made before we had words, tumbled out in a stream of feelings. A babbling brook. Every color, every nuance making its way into your expression. A coo, a woeful wail, a joyful squeal!

Go on now, live a little! Let the world hear YOU roar.


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