Recently, a client said to me, “I want to have a beautiful voice and I want to get started today.”  So, will we arrive at our goal if we simply do vocal exercises? No. Vocal exercises will help, yes, but a voice that moves us comes from the inside out.

A beautiful voice is a voice that is connected to our essence, to the natural voice that we were born with. It is connected to the part of ourselves that expresses our joy and our pain spontaneously. A beautiful voice is a voice that moves us because we hear sincerity and honesty in it.

How do we build a beautiful voice? We begin by becoming aware of and identifying what’s in our way.
I can give you exercises and I can teach you about anatomy and how to get a full breath and project your sound into the room…but until we look at what’s in the way of the voice, your habitual voice will run the show.

For example, what are the beliefs that you have about voice that keep you from speaking up or singing out? Until we unpack some of what lies beneath the surface, the vibrancy and energy  inherent in your natural voice may not yet come through. The true beauty of your voice requires your full attention in order to unfold.


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  1. True beauty requires our full attention…I guess it’s true for voices as it is for websites. Eve, congratulations on you blog!