Are you often hesitant to speak your truth or sing with all your heart?

Does it sometimes feel like you’ve forgotten how to be joyful and have checked out?

Do you long to feel bigger, more free, grounded and confident from the inside out?

Life’s painful experiences can cause us to lose our connection with our authentic voice. Influenced by family expectations, cultural norms and by teachers who don’t get us, we lose heart and adapt. We shut down essential parts of ourselves and develop habits that limit who we are and leave us feeling unsatisfied with our lives.

It’s time to recapture the spontaneity and freedom of your unique voice. Movingvoice integrates body-centered psychotherapies, expressive sound and movement, mindfulness practices, and song to empower your voice and heal your Self.

Start by discovering what your voice is trying to tell you. Take the quick quiz.

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Movingvoice Blog: The Feeling Voice

Welcome to my Video Blog Series! I’ve decided that it’s high time to go BEYOND WORDS and share more of what I’m most passionate about – Expressive sound and movement! Liberating ourselves! This series offers you an opportunity to build your connection with your expressive, feeling voice. On this video, the first of three, I’ll lead you […]

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Vocal Empowerment Blog: You Can Do It! It Takes Courage and Guts!

“You can do it! It takes Courage and Guts!” He shouts and applauds from a house above the trail that I’m running on. It’s snowing and wintery out. It isn’t taking a run in the snow that takes courage and guts for me, though. It’s to be creative and upbeat in relation to chronic pain […]

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Vocal Empowerment Blog: What Are We Here For Anyway?

In any given moment in life, what’s more satisfying, to feel joyful or to feel like you’re doing a good job? Even though I decided many years ago to step OFF the stage and to stop pursuing a career as a classical singer, my experience in making music is still tied up in whether I’m […]

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